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– Comparison of US Programs –
Overview - Part VII., SUMMARY
States Patient Safety Reporting Options

  • •  32 States with Reporting Programs

    State reporting programs are diverse and often tailored to meet policy or individual goals of the State. Thirty-seven (37) states have developed some form of public or private state-wide patient safety initiative, and 32 of those states developed reporting programs in some form. In the remaining 18 States and the District of Columbia, reporting programs do not exist in any form, as represented in the adjacent map.1

    A state-specific list of types of reporting programs is shown by moving the mouse over each State. As demonstrated in the map, the number of reporting programs by State varies from one to five, with the more populace States generally providing more program services/requirements. The year in which each State program began is provided.

    1   Not included in this analysis are Patient Safety reporting initiatives that extend to all States and that reflect facility-level initiatives as opposed to initiatives that reflect public policy or privately-supported consensus.

    Broad participation in any voluntary initiative does not necessarily reflect public policy or consensus across a State. Examples include CMS' Hospital Compare initiative that grades compliance with healthcare processes in limited numbers of targeted health conditions for over 4,000 participating hospitals nationwide. The participation of States in voluntary initiatives sponsored by The Leapfrog Group, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), and other private patient safety / medication-reporting groups similarly extend throughout most States.

    HOWEVER, decisions regarding participation are made at the facility level. Information regarding participation in these initiatives is available at the websites for these entities.

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VII. Summary and Discussion
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