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– Comparison of US Programs –
Overview – Part V.
States ‘Other’ Reporting Options

Discussion of 'Other' Reporting Options

Three states have two different kinds of ‘Other’ Reporting programs.

  • •  Voluntary JCAHO National Patient Safety Goals Compliance Reporting

    The Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA) and the State's QIO Metastar support the CheckPointSM program that publishes compliance with JCAHO's National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs), in addition to monitoring CMS / Hospital Quality Initiative (HospitalCompare) process measures. The CheckPoint program has the support of nearly every Wisconsin hospitals.

  • •  Medication-Error Reporting
    • ◊  Mandatory Public Program

      California legislation in 2000 and 2002 required facilities to adopt plans, including adoption of technologies, to eliminate medication-related errors. While California has no central medication-error repository or mandate for reporting of these medication-errors to a regulatory authority, each facilty is required at annual licensure to validate and document progress with medication errors. Implicitly, each facility must record and monitor medication errors internally or submit them to external proprietary / non-proprietary databases.

    • ◊  Voluntary Privately-supported Medication Error Reporting Program

      North Carolina has a voluntary medication-error program for Nursing Homes only that was kick-started by the State General Assembly, but supported entirely by the State's Quality Improvment Organization The Carolinas Center for Medical Excellence, formerly Medical Review of North Carolina. The 2003 State General Assembly law required every nursing home to establish a Medication Management Advisory Committee [NC G.S. 131E-128].

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