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The definitions of ‘reportable occurrences’ are provided in CRS 25-1-124(2) and 6 CCR 1011-1 §3.2, which precisely mirrors the language of the statute. ‘Reportable occurrences’ include 14 distinct events including unexplained deaths, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, life-threatening complications of anesthesia, life-threatening transfusion errors/reactions, severe burns, missing persons, physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, misappropriation of property, diverted drugs and malfunction/misuse of equipment, as shown in the table below.

The list of occurrences with links to forms for reporting is available.

Colorado Reportable Occurrences

Number & Event Description
Unexplained Death
Any occurrence that results in the death of a patient or resident of the facility and is required to be reported to the coroner pursuant to section 3-10-606, CRS [link to CRS website], as arising from an unexplained cause or under suspicious circumstances.
Brain Injury
Any occurrence that results in brain injury
Spinal Cord Injury
Any occurrence that results in spinal cord injury
Anesthesia Complication
Life-threatening complications of anesthesia
Transfusion Reaction/Errors
Life-threatening transfusion errors or reactions
Severe Burns
Any occurrence that results in second or third degree burns involving twenty percent or more the body surface area of an adult patient or resident or fifteen percent or more of the body surface area of a child patient or resident
Missing Person
Any time that a resident or patient of the facility cannot be located following a search of the facility, the facility grounds, and the area surrounding the facility and there are circumstances that place the resident's health, safety, or welfare at risk or, regardless of whether such circumstances exist, the patient or resident has been missing for eight hours
Physical Abuse
Verbal Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Any occurrence involving physical, sexual, or verbal abuse of a patient or resident, as described in section 18-3-202, 18-3-203, 18-3-204, 18-3-206, 18-3-402, 18-3-403, 18-3-404, or 18-3-405, C.R.S. [link to CRS website], by another patient or resident, an employee of the facility or a visitor to the facility.
Any occurrence involving neglect of a patient or resident, as described in section 26-3.1-101 (4)(b) C.R.S. [link to CRS website]
Misappropriation of Property
Any occurrence involving misappropriation of a patient's or resident's property. For purposes of this paragraph (f), "misappropriation of a patient's or resident's property" means a pattern of or deliberately misplacing, exploiting, or wrongfully using, either temporarily or permanently, a patient's or resident's belongings or money without the patient's or resident's consent.
Diverted Drugs
Any occurrence in which drugs intended for use by patients or residents are diverted to use by other persons
Malfunction / misuse of equipment
Any occurrence involving the malfunction or intentional or accidental misuse of patient or resident care equipment that occurs during treatment or diagnosis of a patient or resident and that significantly adversely affects or if not averted would have significantly adversely affected a patient or resident of the facility.
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