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The voluntary West Virginia program utilizes a proprietary system for adverse event data collection and analysis. Quantros, Inc. is the company that supplies the software system, and the software reflects its proprietary design rather than West Virginia's design goals.

The following classification scheme of Occurrence type is available on the Quantros, Inc. Demonstration Site under ‘Occurrence Report....Occurrence Type’ in the dropdown list. Additions or revisions to the Occurrence Type scheme that appeared on the website in 2005 are indicated in red.

In an earlier website, each major Occurrence Type category included explanations, which were accessible at ‘Occurrence Report....Help....FAQ’. However, these explanation are no longer available, but they are reproduced below.. These explanations below give an idea of the software categorization schema that is used in this software product.

Quantros, Inc. Occurrence Type Classification

Occurrence Type Category
1. Admission/Discharge/Transfer Related [Show/Hide Details]
2. Adverse Drug Event (Reaction) [Show/Hide Details]
3. IV / Blood / Transfusion Related [Show/Hide Details]
4. Clinical Diagnosis and General Treatment Related [Show/Hide Details]
5. Clinical Setting Environment of Care Related Events [Show/Hide Details]
6. Codes (Emergency Situations) [Show/Hide Details]
7. Communication/Notification Related [Show/Hide Details]
8. Device/Equipment/Product Related Event [Show/Hide Details]
9. Fall/Accident Related [Show/Hide Details]
10. Medication Error [Show/Hide Details]
11. Missing/Lost/Damage Property [Show/Hide Details]
12. Nutrition Related [Show/Hide Details]
13. Other Occurrence Type [Show/Hide Details]
14. Patient Complaints [Show/Hide Details]
15. Skin Integrity [Show/Hide Details]
16. Specimen Related [Show/Hide Details]
17. Surgery/Invasive Procedure Related [Show/Hide Details]
18. Treatment Related [Show/Hide Details]
  • NEAR MISS: Near misses are errors that almost happened, but were prevented prior to an actual occurrence could happen. Near misses share many of the same characteristics as major occurrences.
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