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Medical Facility Participation

According to statute, mandatory reporting is required for “any facility licensed under this part,” i.e., all facilities licensed under the Department of Health.

As described in the Division of Health Care Facilities (HCF), and as supported by 20 separate set of department regulations for licensed facilities, it is apparent that Tennesse has extended the mandate for reporting to include most facilities. Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Centers, and Nursing Homes are the three primary targeted facilities.

HMOs, offices of practitioners (i.e., MDs, osteopaths, chiropracters, dentists, etc.), medical clinics, and healthcare facilities that require certification only but not licensure, (Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities, Intermediate Care Facilities for Mentally Retarded, Occupational Therapists in Independent Practice, Physical Therapists in Independent Practice, Portable X-ray Units, Rehabilitation Centers,* Rural Health Clinics), are not included in the mandate for reporting of “unusual events.”

* It should be noted, however, that Tennessee hospitals are defined in administrative rules to include licensed rehabilitation hospitals, which obviously are not the same as unlicensed rehabilitation centers.

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