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Transparency – Provider-identified Information

The State of New York Department of Health does not provide any facility-identified information as part of the NYPORTS adverse event reporting program, although the 1999 NYPORTS report did identify the facilities with the lowest quartile of completeness of NYPORTS reported data. The names and licenses of all physicians associated with adverse envents are tracked as part of the NYPORTS program, although these physicians are not publicly identified.

New York publishes two sources for provider-identified information. The Cardiac Surgery Reporting System (CSRS) has provided report cards on the Internet for heart surgeries dating to 1992 and for percutaneous coronary interventions (PCIs) since 1995. Risk-adjusted provider-identified cardiac outcomes performance data are provided for all cardiac physicians and heart centers performing cardiac surgery and/or PCIs.

The second source of facility-identified information is provided in the published Inpatient Quality Indicators that are collected and published on the Internet by Niagara Health Quality Coalition (NHQC). The Niagara Coalition was established in 1996 and has strong representation of business, labor, health plans, hospitals, and physician providers, and it has collaborated with the NY State Department of Health to publish annual state-wide hospital quality AHRQ IQIs report cards. Niagara currently publishes these report cards with grant funding. Reports for 25 of the 34 IQI measures are available at the website.

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