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Operational Features of NYPORTS Program

New York provides timelines by which reporting shall be done. These include:

  • •  Serious occurrences: 24 hours/one business day: (includes codes 108–110, 911–913, 915–923, 938, 961–963).
  • •  Other occurrences: 24 hours/one business day: (codes 901, 902, 914, 931–935, and 939), fires or external disasters, strikes, and unscheduled termination of services vital to the continued safe operation of the facility or safety of its patients and personnel).
  • •  Less serious occurrences: Within 30 days (codes 201–854): adverse events with less serious patient outcomes, such as complications of surgery, burns, and falls.

NYPORTS requires that a Root Cause Analysis (RCA), as outlined in Medical Facilities Participation be performed. The action plans are a required component of all serious occurrences reports and/or may be requested by the DOH. The RCA must be completed within 30 days and reported electronically to NYPORTS .

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