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  • •  Niagara Health Quality Coalition (NHQC)

    The NHQC with funding from the New York Department of Health, has developed state-wide hospital report cards for Inpatient Quality Indicators (IQIs) that were released by the AHRQ in 2002. In early 2006, New York joins the Texas Health Care Information Council (THCIC), the public-private Colorado Hospital Quality Initiative, and the Health Web of Maine as the only efforts providing state-level report-card analyses of the IQIs.

    The NHQC was established in 1996 following the loss of western New York's state Health Systems Agency funding, and it was builit upon collaboration from hospitals, health plans, consumer groups and others under the leadership of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership that represents over 3,300 businesses and 200,000 employees. Its governing board of directors is comprised mostly of employers, providers, insurers, and some physicians in Western New York.

    The NHQC created the Alliance for Quality Health Care in collaboration with the New York State Department of Health and its partners in the Buffalo Niagara Partnership and other hospitals, health plans, and insurors. The Alliance for Quality Health Care (AQHC) has been the support organization from which this information is distributed to the State of New York.

    The reports are available at the website.

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