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Funding of Event Reporting Program

The state of New York, which established the New York Patient Occurrence Reporting and Tracking System (NYPORTS) reporting system in 1998, reports that their Web-based system is run using existing staff, required an initial investment of $160,000, and needs $20,000 in maintenance per year (per Fred Heigel, AHRQ conference call series on medical error, May 24, 2000). This represents an unusual example of a state able to implement a major initiative in an extremely cost-effective way.

In consideration of much higher costs in other less populace states for the entire patient safety projects (e.g., $2.5M first-year investment and $2.5 Million/year maintenance as in Pennsylvania, 50% of ~$1.5 Million annual budget for Maryland's Patient Safety Center (MPSC), and $500,000/year like Oregon), one must assume that these costs address only software-based issues and do incorporate computer time spent in doing analysis and developing reports.

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