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Nebraska has no reporting programs with reportable events and consequently has no definitions for any adverse events.

Nebraska only mandated reporting program is the reporting of licensed health professionals as defined by Title 172 NAC, Chapter 5, ”Regulations Governing Mandatory Reporting by Health Care Professionals, Facilities, Peer and Professional Organizations, and Insurers.

However, a March 2003 NASHP publication "Defining Reportable Adverse Events: A Guide for States Tracking Medical Errors" addressed the issue of adverse event definitions across multiple states. The NASHP document systematically compared state definitions against the 27 NQF 'Never' Events definitions. Nebraska was represented as having an Adverse Event Reporting program. All 24 of the 27 NQF definitions for which Nebraska was alleged to have definitions were classified in the category "State includes this event but not explicitly."

Based on all available Nebraska laws, regulations and web-accessible documents, this NASHP position has likely been mis-stated. Nebraska has neither an adverse event reporting program nor definitions to support it. Nebraska has a Health Professional/Provider reporting program.

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