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The Hospital Council, via its authority to propose rules in IC 16-21-1-7, recommended on August 24, 2005 that the ISDH adopt the "Serious Adverse Event Reporting Rule" that mandates reporting of adverse events by hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs). Publication of the emergency rules, "LSA Document #05-326(E)" [PDF], were followed by formal adoption of regulations [410 IAC 15-1].

The definition of "hospital" used in the Department of Health administrative rules 410 IAC 15-1.1-13 references the definition provided in Indiana statute IC 16-18-2-179. This definition clarifies the concept of "hospital," specifically excluding psychiatric hospitals, hospitals for the developmentally disabled, all freestanding health facilities, physicians's offices, convalescent homes, boarding homes, and homes for the aged as satisfying the definition of hospital. General hospitals, including ‘Tuberculosis Hospitals,’ are recognized as hospitals.

Meanwhile, the definition of ambulatory surgical center precisely describes the facility type and excludes "birthing centers" and abortion clinics. In Indiana, both of these facility types are regarded as separate facility types and require licensing, independent of hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers .

Therefore, the incident reporting in the State of Indiana is restricted in ambulatory surgical centers and hospitals. The definitions of these facilities specifically exclude psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitiation centers, maternity or birthing centers, abortion clinics, and all physician clinics.

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